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The Freshest Astros Haircuts in Houston
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Posted on November 1, 2017, 5:26 am

After the Houston Astros first baseman Yulieski Gurriel belted a three-run homer against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, tying up Game 5 of the World Series, he tossed off his helmet. His eye-catching cut, called “La Piña” — the pineapple — for its tall, spiky sprout, received enthusiastic rubs and fluffs from his teammates as he crossed home plate and Houston’s Minute Maid Park reverberated with the excitement of fans.

The pineapple is hardly the only hairstyle getting prime-time treatment this World Series.

The Astros’ star center fielder, George Springer, has a bouffant-like central ridge that drops down into a short tail, shaved tight along the sides. Carlos Correa, the cleanup hitter and the bouncing superstar of Game 5, zips up a close, military-style cut with fine lines that curve over his ears and a 1940s pencil mustache. And over on the opposing team, Yasiel Puig offers up a low mohawk sometimes dyed Dodgers blue that is buttressed with script shaved into the faded sides. 

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All this hair is starting conversations, and copycats, in the barbershops around Houston — especially those owned by Dominican, Cuban and Puerto Rican people.

Danny Quiles, known as the Astros’ unofficial barber, is an unassuming, quick-to-smile Puerto Rican man who seems just as surprised by his success as some Astros fans are by the success of their team. When Mr. Quiles isn’t making home calls to the mansions of million-dollar players, he’s at Cadillax Barber Shop, just outside of Houston in Katy, Tex. On Friday, he’d freshened up Mr. Gurriel’s pineapple — “he wanted it clean for the weekend games” — and later that night, he was taking his young son and pregnant wife to the game.





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Nice article :)
Posted by : Craig George  
Posted on : November 1, 2017, 5:48 am
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